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Traditional medicine hospital and healthcare complex kicked off in Central Vietnam
Hoang Mai Medical Ltd., Co. on April 2 kicked off a traditional medicine hospital and elderly healthcare centre worth nearly $7.56 million in the central province of Nghe An.

Located in Quynh Lien commune, the project covers a total area of 2.5 hectares and includes a five-storey medical examination area, an elderly healthcare centre, a park for exercise, and other utility areas.

The complex aims to provide better medical services for locals in Hoang Mai town and the neighbouring areas. It is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The groundbreaking ceremony on April 2

Hoang Mai Medical is the operator of Quang Khoi General Hospital. With a vision to become one of the most reliable and prestigious healthcare destinations in the central region, Quang Khoi General Hospital is making constant renovations in services, technology applications, and international cooperation in a move to increase healthcare access to locals.

Together with new services development, Quang Khoi General Hospital has also been paying due attention to IT application in management and operation. The management software on electronic health records applied in the mobile check-up service is one of the hospital’s encouraging achievements in line with the health sector’s electronic health records development plan.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoi - Chairman of the Members' Council of Hoang Mai Medical Co., Ltd 
speaking at the meeting

With strong efforts in technology application, Quang Khoi has become the ninth hospital nationwide to receive Ministry of Health recognition as a successful performer of electronic health records. Quang Khoi was also honoured as the pioneer in digital transformation in the health sector at the E-Health Vietnam Summit 2020.

As part of Quang Khoi’s development plan, the hospital has strengthened international cooperation as a way to help improve professionalism for its health professionals, and approach new treatment methods and techniques, thus enabling it to satisfy new demands.

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